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Decorative Painting by Kristie

faux finishes, murals, handpainting and decorative finishes

Photo Gallery

Handpainted designs and word art Handpainted designs and word art circles 62057190 circles 62057192 faux carved stone block 62057194 63965660 scrolls 62057196 scrolls 62057199 custom design 62057198 custom stripes with stamping and sponging 62057201 custom border 62057206 baseboard border 62057207 baseboard border 62057208 baseboard border 62057211 custom design 62057210 scrolled border with faux finish 62057209 sweet dreams 62057202 "Bless this home with love and laughter" 62057195 wording 63952228 wording 63952229 wording 63952230 polka dots 98081440 wording with rosemaling 63952231 painted wall rectangle w/paintings 98081441 faux finish ceiling with scrolled design 99074348 scrolled pattern in a tray ceiling 99074349 scrolled pattern in a tray ceiling 99074350 scrolled line design on a barrel ceiling 99074351 scrolled line design on a barrel ceiling 99074352 Bayport Hockey Logo 130204543 Large scale whimsical flowers 130204544 name with dragonflies 130206097 name with butterfly 130206098 faux niche with urn and wine bottle 130206099 cherry blossom branches 130206100 airplanes 130206103 large football player 130206104 tree 130206105 vine 130206106 grapevine 130206107 grapes - close-up 130206108 floral motif 138817625 scroll pattern 99072289 scroll pattern 99072290 large scale gerber daisies 138816223 large scale gerber daisies 138816224 whimsical circle pattern 138816225 whimsical circle pattern 138816226 whimsical circle pattern 138816227 floral/swirl pattern 138816228 floral/swirl pattern with rhinestone centers 138816229 Varsity letters 138816230